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Space Mountain. Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Really? A movie based off a Disneyland attraction? Thankfully, that’s not the case, even if Tomorrowland has one of my favorite rides: Space Mountain. Fun fact — as my family and I rode this ride, my brother, seated behind me, pleaded that I put my arms down. Later, I found out he feared my arms would be sliced off by one of the support beams. No decapitations or broken limbs have been reported, although there have been injuries. Tomorrowland makes me hopeful. Movies taking place in the future, err on post-apocalyptic plotlines. Stripped raw. No wonder. Fearful. A miniscule part of me also wants to believe parallel and alternative worlds exists, reflecting every decision we made, make, and will make – explaining the unsettling feeling of deja vu. Tomorrowland seems to align with my hopes of, well, tomorrow.

Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet

Continuing with my Seattle International Film Festival itinerary is the second animated feature, Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet, directed by Roger Allers. Allers previously worked on several animation films including The Lion King, it may sound familiar. The Prophet equally exudes the warm tones of an arid landscape and mixes various styles. It reminds me of an updated Fantasia, relying heavily on complex musical scores and transformative illustrations from one story to another. The film is an adaptation of Kahil Gibran’s novel The Prophet, consisting of poems with existential themes.

Where I am King

Another SIFF movie on my itinerary. Eager to show his grandchildren, the community that influenced in upbringing, he is distraught to find his perceptions do not match reality. I dislike Filipino cinema. I’m a Filipina. But hear me out! Most Filipino movies, that my mum hopes I will sit through, are romantic comedies with all too similar struggles and developments. Also, their colors seem muted, as if the air pollution of Manila is somehow permanently etched into the lens, even when shot in the most pristine outer islands. They are also obsessed with Forevermore by Side A, “You were just a dream that I once knew…” Whenever I hear lyrics, I release an audible groan of annoyance… and then sing the main line because it’s an annoying, catchy, and sappy song. Where I am King seems like it breaks away from usual underdog love story and instead focuses on familial ties.

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