Movies I am Looking Forward to Watching:

A Few Cubic Meters of Love

The last day of SIFF is on June 7th, and I simply cannot imagine my Saturdays without back to back to back movies. The best part about SIFF is the opportunity to see foreign films. Sometimes, they are not available to rent online. I wanted to watch as many foreign films as possible. I have seen Georgian, French, Korean, and Hungarian films. The next one up in the queue is an Iranian film: A Few Subic Meters of Love. At the heart of political and religious unrest, amidst all the chaos and distress, a young man and woman fall in love. Described as the Romeo and Juliet for the world, the film contrasts the couple’s happiness with the destruction outside of their cargo container haven.

7 Chinese Brothers

When I was a kid, I read the story of “The Five Chinese Brothers.” Little did I know, author Claire Huchet Bishop’s story orginated from the story to Ten Brothers. The story is simple. The ruler of a kingdom calls for the execution of a man. Little does this ruler know, the man is but one of five. Every time the ruler calls for one method of execution, another brother steps in to sidestep death. The movie, takes its own spin on it. Jason Schwartzman (Gideon Gordon Graves from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as I remember him) and his dog, Arrow, star in this film. Larry is a man who is stuck, stuck in life with no one else but his dog. From what I have seen and read, there is no direct connection between the children’s story and Larry. Maybe the 7 Chinese Brothers manifest as entities or stages of Larry. Or maybe I’m trying to make a connection that simply does not exist.

When Animals Dream

My last movie for the SIFF 2015 season is When Animals Dream. *sigh* Marie lives in a small fishing village. Her life is simple and sad. She starts working at a fish processing plant. A rash appears. The rash abnormally begins to develop and sprouts hair. Her father and doctor urge her to take her medication willingly to tame her temper, but Marie does not want to contain the beast within. Someone mentioned I should watch Ginger Snaps. According to SIFF’s description, “…a perfect horrific blend of past SIFF favorite Ginger Snaps…” I’m hoping When Animals Dream will help me transition into full horror mode.

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