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This will be the movie to see for 2015. It’s a movie of the current generation and a nod to past hip-hop generations. Dope is a coming of age story featuring a variation of a geek. Malcolm has high hopes for his college prospects, but it isn’t easy balancing the SAT, friends, and girls. Throw in selling drugs and his list of extracurricular activities just got a little out of hand. What is refreshing about this movie is the cast of new faces, besides Zoë Kravitz and Tony Rivoli, who are already familiar within the industry, but they’re also fantastic. I anticipate Dope to be a vision of nostalgia. By the way, don’t hate me, but the soundtrack is dope.


A sex trafficking ring picks up a new addition for their customers. Regrettably, the team finds out she is a fighter. This film was featured at the Tribeca International Film Festival…two years ago. I suppose I should be grateful that indie movies eventually find their way to limited theater release, particularly a movie featuring a female Asian lead. Jamie Chung’s previous roles are few and far between as a leading lady. Her most notable role is Mulan on the television series Once Upon a Time. Besides having a character to identify with, the subject matter of the movie comes to the forefront and demands the viewer’s attention. Sex-trafficking typically takes place in the background of a movie, often used as a metaphor (Sucker Punch), or an opportunity for the man to save the day (Taken), but rarely as the central affair. Eden is a film wherein it is apparent that sex-trafficking, or any human-trafficking for that matter, is an abomination.

Infinitely Polar Bear

Sometimes to stay together, a family must be apart. A mother/wife is accepted into a graduate program at a prestigious out-of-state university. Her solution: have her manic depressive husband take care of her two girls. I am looking forward to this movie for three reasons. One: I am a firm believer that a stigma exists against mental illnesses. Two: It tackles traditional gender roles with a stay-at-home dad addressing household concerns. Three: It features a bi-racial family. Yeah, it’s pretty cool that Mark Ruffalo is in it, but I have no idea how his performance will be. From what I have seen so far, the movie seems to focus on the odd and funny moments that originate from his altered point of view instead of the emotional toll of his illness.

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