Movies I am Looking Forward to Watching:

Big Game

A young boy hunting in the “wilderness” lands his first big game (the President of the United States). The plot is nonsensical, but strangely, given the film’s unconvincing series of events I’m convinced to spend my time watching the plot unfold. I am more curious to see how the boy, Oskari (Onni Tommila) saves the President, William Allan Moore (Samuel L. Jackson). I am curious as to how Oskari will handle the terrorists with a bow and arrow, his only form of communication a string-and-cup, rudimentary land-line. That’s all I can really go off of based on the trailers, which could be a good thing. Maybe Oskari will utilize his wilderness experience and wits to save himself and the President. Or maybe Samuel L. Jackson will completely overtake the boundaries of the presidency, and save himself and Oskari in the process. I don’t expect a great action movie, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give it a shot.

Fresh Dressed

After watching Dope, it seems all too fitting to watch Fresh Dressed: a documentary highlighting the influences of hip-hop and the fashion industry. I remember my own, mild-mannered attempts to look “fresh.” I wasn’t Eddie from Fresh Off the Boat; in contrast, my attempts were respectively tame (Lugz shoes and FUBU were my brands of choice). Unfortunately, from the snippets I’ve seen, this documentary appears undeniably biased. You’re trying to tell me there were little to no women of influence in the fashion industry, and that they were unable to get a woman from the hip-hop industry to speak on their behalf? Chili? T-Boz? Kimora Lee? Nicki Minaj? Any one of them could offer insight into the field. I love Kanye (going all the way back to his The College Dropout years, and running through his Graduation days), But that doesn’t mean I want to hear all about how he became the game changer in fashion and music.

Netflix Movie I’ll Check Out:

An Honest Liar

I get a kick out of magic tricks and illusions. Chris Angel. Penn & Teller. David Blaine. I am momentarily mesmerized. So, why haven’t I heard of the amazing James Randi? This documentary features magician Randi amidst his attempts to dispel those who claim psychic powers. Randi takes tremendous strides to strike fear in the hearts of phsychics, but did he play a trick on us as well by deceiving us? Randi appears to be quite a character; candid, and someone who has something to say regardless of the situation in which he finds himself. The thing with documentaries is that, sometimes, they leave you asking more questions as opposed to answering any of the question that you had initially.

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