Movie I Am Looking Forward To

As Above, So Below

As Above So BelowFor me, Director John Erick Dowdle’s As Above, So Below benefits from the success of the year’s earlier horror films.  I’ve written already that 2014 has been the best year for horror in recent memory, if not in my lifetime.  Because of 2014’s stellar scary resume, I’m not rolling my eyes at the prospect of another found footage film;  Willow Creek, The Sacrament, and Afflicted have all revitalized my faith in that category.  And I’m certainly not skeptical of personalized hauntings, thanks to the perfect horror film Oculus.  In any other year, I’d have every reason to roll my eyes at the trailer for this movie.  Not this one.  In my mind, horror has finally won in 2014 and for the remaining months, we’re just running up the scoreboard.  So, with that in mind, I’m unhesitantly onboard with this thriller set amongst the French Catacombs (the perfect setting for a horror movie, by the way).

What I’m Not Looking Forward To

The November Man

How many people had to turn this role down before it landed in Pierce “arthritic knees” Brosnan’s lap?  This looks like a movie that Liam Neeson might have said no to first, followed by Nic Cage, all the way down to Lorenzo Lamas.  Not only is the plot recycled from some of the worst movies on the Rotten Tomato scale, it’s delivered by the worst James Bond ever; an actor with about as much charisma as the mannequin that modeled his dated wardrobe.  Pierce Brosnan couldn’t make an American volcano exciting.  I was going to make a joke about another movie Pierce Brosnan ruined with his boredom, but I can’t remember any of his performances.


Theatrical Releases

August 27 (Wednesday)

The November Man

August 29 (Friday)

As Above/So Below
The Calling (Limited)
The Congress (Limited)
The Damned (Limited)
Jamie Marks Is Dead (Limited)
Last Weekend (Limited)
Life of Crime (Limited)
Starred Up (Limited)

DVD/Blu-Ray Releases

Draft Day
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero
Mom’s Night Out
Night Moves
Under the Electric Sky
For No Good Reason

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The Double (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu)
The Fault in Our Stars (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu)
The Rover (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu)
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