This is one of those weeks where the releases seem pretty dismal all around. There are no theatrical releases that are pulling me into the theater. The Blu-ray and DVD releases are not enticing in the slightest bit, considering which movies I have already watched. Netflix is a little slow on releasing streaming movies; the releases, if any, are strictly on the DVD subscription service. Yes, they still do that. In all honesty, this will probably be one of those weeks where I binge on Halloween family classics and get caught up on movies I have been wanting to see.

Movie I Would Watch if I Had To:



Following the death of his girlfriend, Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) is accused of being behind her murder. Waking up from a drunken stupor, he finds two growths at his temples that eventually develop into horns. With these horns, come special abilities that he utilizes to in pursuit of the true murderer. A crime and fantasy movie in one? I’ll give it a chance. It has a story that is somewhat uncommon, besides the avenging the death of a significant other bit. The potential humor that is highlighted can either work in its favor or be ill-misplaced.

My Prediction: C 

Final Movie to Get into the Halloween Spirit:

Saw (Re-release)

This year marks the 10 Year anniversary for Saw. If I am to get the classics under my belt, this movie is on the list. Beth ranked Saw and the sequels that followed, clearly the first installment is a must. If I have the opportunity to watch the original in the theater, I’ll take it. The most believable horror movies are not ones that keep you up at night, but the ones that penetrate your everyday activities. You cannot stop the psychopath from playing his game or dictate who is to be the next player. I do not want to play the game, but I’ll be a spectator.

Theatrical Releases

Blu-Ray/DVD Releases for October 28