Movies I am Looking Forward to Watching:

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part I


I am a follower of Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire, and the others of District 12. Of course, I read the books and when the sound of the mockingjay is heard, I’ll put my three fingers up to remember Rue. (I have actually done this in a public space.) I am most interested in viewing this installment to see if there is any progression away from the love triangle that has taken precedence in the prior movies. The conversion from book to movie, is very Capitol city-like where our attention is drawn elsewhere to diffuse the actual issue at hand.

My Prediction: C+

Food Chains

My documentary watching game has been pretty weak. The film Food Chains reveals the current status of the food industry at its origins: the farmlands and the hands that support it. Food is the common denominator between everyone, it is unavoidable, it is undetachable. Food Chains forces us to examine and rethink about the labor force behind farmed goods. Many of us are in an opposing, almost hypocritical, mindset about food: we want cheap groceries, but do not want to pay more for livable wages. This documentary is an example of how the general public contributes to the problem and they are essential to solve for human decency and compassion.

My Prediction: B

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