Movie I am Willing to Watch:

Dying of the Light

The only reason I would consider watching this movie is because of Nicolas Cage; I like the National Treasure movies, what can I say? The trailer barely held my attention. Yes, Cage is supposed to look older because he suffers early stages of an aggressive form of dementia. However, I think the make-up/costume department went a little too happy when preparing Cage. Why would I watch this movie with three other movies being released this week? We have Lap Dance, and as much as I admire the athletic ability of pole dancers, I have my doubts that this movie focuses on women empowerment. The Pyramid; c’mon, a horror movie means immediate dismissal. Lastly, we have Pioneer, a bunch of dudes duking it out in the ocean depths for wealth? Pass.

My Prediction: D

Blu-ray/DVD I’ll Check Out:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is an absolute necessity, to watch and to add to my highly lacking collection of DVDs. If you have not had the opportunity to watch GotG, read Diego’s review, rent it, watch it, fall for for it. Heck, my mum even liked it and she is not the Sci-Fi adventure genre type. I have been anticipating this DVD release as soon as I walked out of the theater.  The ease of the humor, the characters, the story, and Groot makes for an all-around a solid piece. Let’s not forget that it was written by Nicole Perlman.

Rated by Diego: A

Netflix Hidden Gem I will be Watching:


With theater releases lacking this week as well, I will continue to burying myself in Netflix movies. Martina recommended Tombstone. Unlike Martina, I am not a Western fan. The closest thing to a Western movie that I can recall is Wild Wild West, and we all know how awesome that turned out. You’re one of my favorites Will Smith, but why? What I love about movies from the early ’90s is seeing actors before their escalation to fame.

Theatrical Releases:


Blu-ray/DVD Releases, Tuesday December 9:

 Grade: B

Grade: B+

Grade: F+

Grade: C


Grade: C

Grade: D+

New on Netflix:

Grade: C-