Movie I am Looking Forward to Watching:

Top Five


This week, there are only two movies being released. Top Five, a comedy featuring Chris Rock and other comedians, Kevin Hart and Tracy Morgan looks absolutely hilarious. Rock basically plays himself as a successful comedian in preparation for a wedding and begins to question his decision to tie the knot. I am not usually a fan of romcoms, but this movie appears to be more on the humorous side. With a team of the best comedic acts in the industry, I know I will be thoroughly entertained. Let me just say this about Exodus: Gods and Kings, they casted a guy named Christian Bale to play Moses. Christian, as a Jew. Amongst the multitude of other interpretations this movie is taking on, give me The Prince of Egypt any day.

Blu-ray/DVD I’ll Check Out:

The Maze Runner

Movie adaptations are a catch-22. If you read the book first, you end up hating the movie. The same can be vice versa, if you watch the movie, you end up hating the book. I’m going to hope The Maze Runner is one of the rare occasions where I watch the movie and love the novel. We are riding a wave of post-apocalyptic movies featuring teenagers as the protagonists, another way of stating that their decisions lay the groundwork for the future of everyone. Anyways, I am eager to see what lies within the maze and what will happen to the group.

Netflix Hidden Gem I will be Watching:

Short Term 12

“It’s a storyteller’s wet dream…” With a quote like that, the film almost boasts about itself in many ways. Brie Larson, plays a staff member at a foster care facility; she reminds me of a friend I had in college. Similar facial features, hair, her ability to work with youth, her free-spirited personality, and her mum works as a social worker. This film is a parallel version of her life. The people I meet have a movie that corresponds to them; I unconsciously pair them up and sometimes the pairing comes later. Will this be her movie? I will find out.

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