Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your weekends were more lively (and less humid) than mine. To start your week, we have a few interesting finds from around the web.

  • Daniel Radcliffe was a receptionist at at NYLON Magazine for an hour, and the result is magical (why couldn’t they try this at my office).
  • Every Frame a Painting presented this video essay on the evolution of the work of Chuck Jones (the man behind Looney Tunes, also known as your childhood entertainment), in a great exploration of comedy and one man’s career.
  • To prepare you for Shark Week (coming up at the end of August), here is a “list-challenge” about shark-related films. How many have you seen?
  • On Tuesday, All Work All Play, a film about electronic-sports, will air in select theaters across the country, proving that the mantra, “video games are not a spectator sport,” is no longer an effective argument in the debate over screen time versus quality time. Check out the trailer for the film here.

Enjoy! And thanks to Diego Crespo and Dave Shreve for their suggestions this week.

Featured Image:  Nylon Magazine