Well, I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your long weekend, and that excellent World Cup win for Team USA. This week, we’ve got some trivia, some fun, and a few lists (and who doesn’t enjoy a good list?).

  • First up is some trivia on the production of Shrek, and how some turmoil at Disney led to key plot points and characters in the movie. This Youtube channel has a few lively videos featuring some interesting trivia, with everything summed up for on-the-go viewing.
  • If you like children’s movies, and you like to be terrified, HitFix has this tribute to the scariest children’s movies of all time.
  • Perhaps, like me, you forgot to cancel your free trial for Amazon Prime around the holidays, and now you find yourself with yet another streaming service, and no real familiarity with any of its selections for original viewing options. Digital Trends will help you out with this list of the 48 Best Movies on Amazon Prime this summer.
  • Finally, in honor of the World Cup, here is a list of the 10 Best Soccer Movies on Netflix.

Enjoy! Thanks to Anton Reyes and Beth Reynolds for their contributions this week.

Featured Image:  Fine Brothers Entertainment