Okay folks, here we go. This week, the best of the rest of the internet offers some retrospective and speculative links, as well as a little something for fans of the classic Disney Cinderella.

  • First, a look back at the disappointing sequel to the iconic film Jaws:

YouTube film reviewer Chris Stuckmann’s newest video in his Hilariocity series, devoted to exhaustively analyzing those special movies so bad that they’re accidentally good, features an in-depth critique of 1987’s Jaws: The Revenge. Stuckmann applies his usual blend of charm, sophomoric humor, and infectious love for movies to what is without a doubt one of the worst studio sequels of all time.

Enjoy it here.

  • If that’s not your speed, maybe some words from Patton Oswalt will do it for you:

ScreenJunkies is an entertainment site devoted to movie fandom in all of its varying forms and mediums. Hosting a wide variety of content, including, but not limited to, a weekly podcast, the site’s now infamously well known Honest Trailers, as well as special feature interviews and panels surrounding current events and trends within the moviegoing community, ScreenJunkies is an indispensable site for anyone who loves movies, but is also able to kick back and enjoy some less than sincere cinematic appraisal. The site’s offbrand commentary and dialogue are a breath of fresh air within the vacuum of sobriety that makes up film criticism at large. Recently, the site hosted comedian Patton Oswalt as a guest.

Here, he delivers a speculative pitch for a sequel (and eventual trilogy) to M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable.

Here, he offers his thoughts on both the DC and Marvel Film Universes respectively, and promotes the sales of his second book, Silver Screen Fiend, detailing a time in his life when he was watching upwards of two feature films a day.

  • For more speculative visions, but of the Ghostbusters variety:

When his involvement with the Ghosbusters sequels was incorrectly reported, Max Landis shared some of his thoughts on which direction he thought the film should take. Last week, he shared his entire collection of ideas, a sort of giddy fan fiction that is likely to be more enjoyable than what we actually get with these sequels.

  • Now back to reality with a look at real films — not imagined sequels — directed by the late Akira Kurosawa:

BFI.org provided a well-thought list on the essential films of Kurosawa.  For those unfamiliar with the director’s work, this will serve as a great introduction.  For fans learned on the topic, this works as a great collection to illustrate his influence on Western cinema and his incredible contributions to the global landscape of film.

  • Finally, something for Cinderella viewers who think back fondly on the animated classic:

The Wrap provided a list of Easter eggs hidden throughout this month’s Cinderella. Worked into the film are small nods to the 1950 animation, which true fans will appreciate.

That’s it for this week, folks. Thanks to Sean Cureton, Dave Shreve, and yours truly for this week’s contributions.


Featured Image:  Jaws II, Universal Pictures