This week, we’re looking ahead to the summer movie season, but we’ve also got some good stuff for those who prefer to stay home and watch hour after hour of Netflix in their underwear.

  • First up, a summer-y (sorry, I had to) of what’s ahead in 2015: Yeah, we know. We expect to provide our summer movie preview and our guidance is 100% trustworthy, but it never hurts to open the discussion to outside sources. Here, Deadspin critics Tim Grierson and Will Leitch provide a comprehensive predictive rundown of what to expect, good and bad, from this year’s Blockbuster Season.
  • Oh, the horror!: If there’s one negative interpretation of the mainstream’s popularity boom in indie horror over the last year, it’s that the success of films like It Follows and The Babadook has inadvertently highlighted the preceding stretch of quiet coming from the horror community to the general film community. Here, Rob Fee collects a lists of entertaining and effective horror movies that passive horror fans might have missed over that time period.
  • Next, a lesson in structure: By now, Tony Zhou should be a name you already know. He is perhaps the greatest video essayist on film theory, practice, and analysis on the world wide web. Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting series of videos about the art of filmmaking take on a narrative all their own. His past features including such classic and contemporary legends as Akira Kurosawa, Edgar Wright, and Jackie Chan. Last week, Zhou tackled Orson Welles in F for Fake. In his own words: I’ve waited a long time to tackle Orson Welles’ F for Fake, one of my favorite films and in my opinion the greatest essay film ever made. Today I break down what it has to teach us about structure. Enjoy!”
  • Finally, two entries for the couch-dwellers: Here, Screenrant reviews a few easter eggs integrated into the new Netflix Daredevil series. Marvel fans should enjoy this, but beware–some spoilers included.
  • And here, Dustin Rowles lists the 25 best recent Netflix releases. These include some films with fairly wide release, but some relative unknowns, as well. With 25 on the list, you should be able to find something to watch.

That’s all we’ve got this week. Check back next week for more interesting things from around the web, as well as my personal review of the DIY shoebox projector!

Thanks to Dave Shreve, Sean Cureton, and myself for this week’s finds.