Hi folks! Our clickables this week include some attention towards gender equality in Hollywood, as well as fun for Harry Potter fans and my own review of the shoebox iPhone projector.

  • Next, something from one of our friends. After generously allowing four of our writers to sit in on their production, the No, Totally! podcast built upon their reputation of valuable film discussion through their conversation with Lexi Alexender, director of Punisher: War Zone and outspoken advocate of establishing gender and ethnic equality within the American film industry.
  • Continuing the conversation about gender equality is this article from The Daily Beast, in which we get some thoughts from Joss Whedon and James Gunn on the likelihood of a female superhero movie and/or a female President in the near future.
  • We’ve long been fans of the work of Kristen Stewart here at AE, and this article by Kevin Lincoln of Grantland, a fascinating look at the relationship between her fame and her ability, highlights many of the reasons behind our commit to supporting this young actress.
  • Finally, I’m returning to the shoebox iPhone projector. I tried this over the weekend, and had some success, although my ultimate verdict is “meh.” Perhaps I’m a bit slow, but it took me a couple tries to figure out which way to tape on the magnifying glass, and then I discovered that my iPhone won’t lock just anything in landscape mode, which meant that my projection was upside down. It will lock if you’re in your photos, but if you wanted to project, say, a YouTube video, I’m not sure how you’d manage it. There might be a way, but I couldn’t discover it. My final problem was that the magnifying glass did not significantly increase the size of the screen, so I ended up with a pretty small projection. In the end, it’s easier to just use AirPlay with the Apple TV, but if I didn’t have that luxury then I might put more time and money into the shoebox–by buying a larger magnifying glass, for example. It was a fun little experiment, at least.

That’s all for now — great weeks to everyone. Thanks to Dave Shreve, Beth Reynolds, and myself for this week’s contributions.


Featured Image:  Warner Bros.