Happy rabbit, rabbit day, all. I hope everyone enjoyed the last of May. It’s June! Which means my summer blockbuster countdown is closer than ever. (12 days until Jurassic World! Not that you didn’t already know.) To kick off the week, we’ve got a few things for you:


  • Ever wonder what the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer redone in grindhouse ’80s style would look like? Wonder no more. The Playback Collective via the A.V. Club has you covered. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds.
  • It isn’t exactly a new premise that machines and robots will be sucking up all of our jobs, leaving us, well, jobless…permanently. What happens when we no longer have to work to survive? Planet Money presents a short fiction podcast exploring just that.
  • Here, Abraham Riesman of Vulture presents a massive retrospective on the history of the Ultimate Marvel Universe (which is coming to an end) and how it changed the landscape of modern comic-books and adaptations.
  • Twitter prankster Rob Whisman does a live trailer reaction to the Criterion release of My Dinner with Andre, directed by Palme fucking D’or Winner Louis Malle.
  • And finally, Walter Rafelsberger offers a mashup of new and old, overlaying the intense music of Mad Max: Fury Road with the Buster Keaton classic The General.

That’s everything for this week. Thanks to Richard Newby, David Shreve, and Katherine Shelor for this week’s contributions.


Featured Image: Marvel Comics