Hi everyone, and welcome to summer (and for those in the Southern Hemisphere, welcome to winter). I hope you all had a pleasant Father’s Day. True to form, I did less than I should have for the fathers in my life. I’m going to get it right one of these years.

  • On that note, our first piece for you is by Noel Murray at The Dissolve, who wrote a piece on father figures in Paul Thomas Anderson movies. Check it out here.
  • A couple of weeks back, Fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and English novelist Kazuo Ishiguro sat down to discuss genre fiction in general, and all of the various social and critical stigmas attendant to both science fiction and fantasy, real or imagined, in order to address some of the confusion, bafflement, and outright rejection of Ishiguro’s most recent novel The Buried Giant, which contains certain fantastic elements between the pages of what has otherwise been marketed as an adult novel. Read the interview here.
  • Luckily, many of us here love Science-Fiction, in spite of the stigma critically held against it by a few. On that note, The Telegraph compiled a list of 41 space movies. All of my favorites are included, so I therefore consider it to be a good ranking. See for yourself.
  • Finally, in acknowledgement of Ted 2’s release this Friday (Really? Another one?), here’s Rolling Stone’s list of the 10 best stoner movies of all time.

Check back next week for more. Thanks to Dave Shreve, Sean Cureton, and Whit Denton for their contributions this week.

Featured Image:  There Will Be Blood, Paramount Pictures