Good morning, and welcome to another week of fun movie-related content! In this post, we have a mix of reviews, lists, and celebrity opinions:

  • First off, Grantland’s Wesley Morris offers a review of Ted 2, that discusses the dangers of a reckless comedy built upon broad, unthought, and generalized social and racial attitudes. Morris’s takedown contextualizes Seth McFarlane’s predictable comedic approach, within the volatility of the contemporary cultural conditions in America, and proves the value in really thinking critically about even the most generic of mainstream art products.
  • As a supplement and comparison piece to our Best of the Year (So Far) List, here’s a congruously constructed and conceived list from Consequence of Sound, an independent News and Media Website based in Chicago, IL. The site’s focus is on music news, reviews, and features, though CoS has recently begun to host a wide swath of interesting original content regarding film, including reviews, panel discussions, and audio-visual dissertations on all of the top movie soundtracks and scores (via YouTube). You can follow Consequence of Sound on Twitter, @coslive.
  • Do you want to know what movies Canadian actor Michael Cera watches in his spare time? In this video from the offices of The Criterion Collection, Michael Cera selects some of his favorite classic and contemporary works included in the esteemed commercial distributor of the most well known (and at times slightly overshadowed) works from cinema history’s annals of both foreign and domestic filmmakers.
  • Finally, as a sort of desert, here Collider presents a list of Pixar movies, ranked worst to best. It will make you want to revisit some of the Pixar films you haven’t seen in a long time (and what better time than the lazy days of summer, we might add).

Check again in a week for more to click. Thanks to Dave Shreve and Sean K. Cureton for this week’s finds.