Hello for another week! First, thanks to Grace Porter for putting together last week’s post for me. Great stuff, as usual.

Now, onto this week’s finds:

  • This editorial from Vox discusses a shifting social culture that directly influences film, media, and criticism. A professor, left-leaning in his politics, confesses the fear that comes with introducing literature to students who are influenced by today’s outrage culture wherein individuals are “more concerned with signaling goodness, usually through semantics and empty gestures, than with actually working to effect change.
  • For those interested in the stories behind the stories, here is a database of oral histories of cult movies. Read about the making of Boogie Nights, Heathers, and The Princess Bride, straight from the mouths of the makers.
  • Here, WhatCulture has compiled a list of the 20 Biggest Summer Box Office Bombs of All Time. No surprises, but it’s a fun trip down memory lane (where “memory lane” is a lane full of faint recognition, vague disappointment, and wistful thoughts of what could have been).
  • A few months ago, a fake trailer of a Power Rangers film went viral; this week, IGN published an interview with the real director of a real Power Rangers reboot, which is apparently expected in 2016. Who knew.


  • This educational short about drugs in film on the New York Film Academy’s film school blog will make you feel sort of like you’re in health class (except it’s interesting and less uncomfortable), and also make you wish the film school would put together all corporate training videos you’re forced to watch.

Thanks to David Shreve and Sean Fallon (and yours truly) for their contributions. Teamwork!

Featured Image:  Catwoman (2004), Warner Bros.