This week’s Weekly Clickables are without theme. You’d expect a holiday focus, right? Well, not this year, as you’ve probably seen the best holiday-related lists anyway. In this post, we have a short film, an essay, poll results, ghost stories, and a review, of which you’re likely to enjoy at least one item.

  • In an original short film produced by Corridor Digital, a literal portrayal of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” is cineatically imagined.
  • Dr. Michelle J. Smith has written a fantastic article for Senses of Cinema exploring how one of the best movies of 2016, Girl Asleep, explores coming of age through the use of fantasy tropes and subversion.
  • As they do every year, NPR released a poll, and the results are in. Here are their listeners’ favorite 100 albums of 2016.
  • Finally, a thoughtful and in-depth review of Collateral Beauty, courtesy of Vulture.

That’s it for this week, folks. Check back next Monday for more of the best movie stuff from the rest of the Internet!

Featured Image: Oscilloscope