Here we are again. The beginning of another week. Luckily, we have a few items for you to fill your leisurely web-browsing time.

  • First, infamous director and visual provocateur Harmony Korine stopped by the Cat Ranch with popular comedian and podcaster Marc Maron in a discussion centering around the 20th anniversary of the Korine-penned Kids, Werner Herzog, and the director’s peculiar artistic sensibilities and process. Check it out here. You can follow Maron on Twitter @marcmaron for news on all of his latest guests from the film, music, and entertainment industries.


  • For gamers, on the most recent episode featured on the PBS Game/Show channel on YouTube, show host and cultural commentator Jamin Warren talks the history of Batman in video games, and why Batman: Arkham Knight is the first game that truly replicates the process and specifics of how to be the Batman. You can follow Warren on Twitter @JaminWar, and subscribe to the PBS Game/Show on YouTube.



  • Here is a conversation with Roland Emmerich about the challenges of producing his new film Stonewall (set to be released this fall), which centers on the 1969 Stonewall Riots.


  • Last week marked 70 years since the Hiroshima bombing. While Hollywood has turned out many WWII-era films, references to the atomic bombs and the utter destruction and suffering that followed are few. Andre Soares at the Alt Film Guide has explored the portrayal of the atomic bombings in film (from several different countries) and compiled a list of six films about The Bomb worth checking out.

That’s it for this week. Thanks to Dave Shreve and Sean K. Cureton for their excellent finds!

Featured Image: Miramax Films