Congratulations on making it to the final week of August. To help you while away the time until September, we have a few worthwhile finds from around the internet:

  • First, for those of you in the US (or anywhere) returning to school (or with kids returning to school), we have AMC’s list of the top ten back-to-school movies. You can actually cast your vote here, so arguably this list is more democratic than most.
  • As long as you’re reading that, might as well check out some of the feminist criticism itself. Here is Katie Barnes’s essay (on Feministing) about the continued erasure/commodification/trivialization of black women, and here is NPR’s interview with Allison Davis about the film’s controversial use of the #ByeFelicia meme.
  • If you’re looking for something lighter, here is Birth.Movies.Death’s look at the earlier (and arguably better) version of the Fantastic Four script, before it underwent extensive rewriting.
  • Finally, Bob Chipman posted a video essay on piracy (the focus is on video games, but this is a subject that extends to film and television, too).

Thank you all for checking in, and thanks especially to Jack Godwin for his contributions this week.

Until next time, Happy Clicking!

Featured Image: Universal Pictures