Greetings, and welcome to August, the second worst month of the year (February being the worst, of course)! To distract you from the sweltering heat and suffocating humidity, we have a few items of interest from around the Internet:

  • First, NPR’s Frank DeFord sounds off on why Hollywood should quit it with boxing movies. I often disagree with Mr. DeFord, but in this instance I’m totally with him. If we must make another boxing movie, let’s at least find a new plot for it, right?
  • Here, The Playlist offered a four minute supercut of some of Director Lars Von Trier’s most stunning sequences, exhibiting his unique talent and filmmaking power.
  • If you’re a fan of Masterpiece Theatre and/or Downton Abbey, here are 5 Masterpiece Must Knows for Summer 2015. If you still subscribe to Netflix DVD, you can check out the original 1975 Poldark (which I could swear used to be streamable), which is pretty good, though somehow, even though they’re in period clothing, it’s still very apparent that it’s the mid-1970s.
  • This past weekend, the latest in the Mission: Impossible franchise dominated the box office. Sean Witzke created an interesting video essay about the M:I movies, the influences of Hitchcock and the Bond films upon them, and what makes Mission: Impossible unique (plus, Grantland’s Chris Ryan interviewed Witzke). Check out the interview and the video essay here.
  • Finally, a light petit fours to finish off your web content consumption: This week, Chris Pratt challenged the Internet to come up with a banner for his Facebook page, and the results range from a little sad, to a little stolen, to kind of amazing. Regardless, it’s entertainment.


Featured Image: Courtesy of Richard Olthof, @filmdomein