In this week’s clickables, choose from a couple perspectives on Hollywood’s persistent lack of diversity (and how to fix it), plus a personal look back at the films of 2015 and a couple of videos delving into character, setting, and music.

  • At Birth. Movies. Death., an industry insider details five more ways to fix the Oscars’ diversity problem.
  • Mr. Nerdista takes an insightful look into the mind of Ex Machina‘s Nathan, offering a glimpse into the character’s psychology and his physical setting as a psychic extension.
  • In the wake of Joseph Fiennes’s inexplicable casting as Michael Jackson, Screen Crush have put together a video showing the many instances in which white actors have been cast as people of color.

That’s it for this week’s clickables. Check back next Monday for more interesting, thought-provoking, or simply entertaining movie stuff from around the web!