Happy Monday, folks. We found some great Weekly Clickables to share with you and take your mind off the massive headache of a spreadsheet you have to work on today (or whatever form the mundane takes for you).

  • I watched and enjoyed A Young Doctor’s Notebook this weekend (a good fit for Daniel Radcliffe’s acting style), which led us to this look at Harry Potter stars who made the transition to television. Emma Watson, we know, has taken her gifts beyond Hollywood to better the world and to the admiration of many, but the others are doing OK, too.
  • Sam Fragoso, rising pop-culture and entertainment journalist and founder of Movie Mezzanine, invites noted comedian and provocateur Eric Andre onto his Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso podcast for an intimate interview that is as wide ranging and scatterbrained as the subject in question.  

Until next week when we have more of the best movie stuff from the rest of the Internet, happy clicking!

Featured Image: Broad Green Pictures