Greetings, readers! Today, we have a couple of tributes, a bit of color, and an upcoming event for podcast listeners (or anyone, really):

  • Last week, when the film criticism publication The Dissolve unexpectedly announced that it would be shutting down, it was a disheartening moment for anyone interested in film or intelligent cinematic discourse. They offered the kind of thoughtful, articulate film criticism and discussion that boldly sidesteps the rumor mill and clickbait factories so prominent on the internet today. Matt Zoller Seitz’s eulogy for the site is the perfect expression of our collective grief.
  • Additionally, Tony Zhou took to Twitter to communicate his appreciation for The Dissolve, offering up some of his favorite pieces.  This small sample, collected on Storify, should represent not just what sorts of astounding work was done by the writers of the site over two, short years, but also of a reach and ambition that all film culture should be striving to achieve.
  • On July 10, 2015, Omar Sharif passed away. Reflecting on what I knew of him and his career, I realized it was very little. To me, it felt that Doctor Zhivago had died again, but Sharif contributed more than just one great performance. Here, The Guardian provides a tribute to the actor, covering the scope of his work in American film, and his place, or lack thereof, in Hollywood.
  • Do you like to know the “why” behind the art you consume? If so, check out this article exploring color choice and harmony. It explains the color wheel, and also provides examples of different types of color harmony in the form of movie stills, ads, paintings, and more.
  • Are you a fan of podcasts and the cinema, too? This summer, you will have the opportunity to enjoy them both via Cast Party. Several of the most popular podcasts will share stories, play music, and tell jokes on stage on July 28th.  The show will be livestreamed to theaters across the country.

Check back next week for more. The internet is inexhaustible, and we humans keep adding more to it!

Thanks to Dave Shreve and Teaira Lacson for their suggestions this week.