It’s a Monday! And I have two reasons for why this Monday looks much brighter than others. First, it’s the Monday prior to Memorial Day weekend, meaning a three day weekend is on its way. Secondly, it’s a Monday, and Olan Rogers’ story of an unforgettable Monday makes the beginning of any work week a little more bearable. So without further ado, here are our Weekly Clickables.

  • The Nerdwriter brings viewers a video essay that explores how David Lynch manipulates his audience in Mulholland Drive.
  • Film Crit Hulk returns with a long essay on The Revenant, Mad Max, and the nexus of cinematic language.
  • Astronauts, spanning from different space movies, debrief about their bad day to one another.
  • In light of the release of The Nice Guys, NPR examine classic private eye novels and how they’ve inspired dialogue and characters in director Shane Black’s films.
  • In The New York Times, Wesley Morris writes about the adverse effect that superhero films are having on movie stars.
 Featured Image: Universal Pictures