Happy Monday, fellow film fans! Today, we have an eclectic assortment of interviews, reviews, letters, and suggestions, all very well worth your time.

  • Next, a look at some controversy. Following the release of images from the new Nina Simone biopic, Simone’s daughter India Arie released a pretty harsh open letter criticizing the way Zoe Saldana was made up, comparing it to blackface. Following this, Arie made it clear her beef is not with Saldana, but with the larger casting and make-up decisions.
  • You’re probably aware that the new Ghostbusters trailer was released this past week. If you watched it, you probably also noticed that the original theme song is absent, replaced by a modern EDM cover. Well, a fan of the franchise took care of that, and re-edited the trailer to feature said theme. The result is pretty awesome.

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Featured Image: Netflix