This week, our selections will help those of you suffering from post-Halloween withdrawal. So, without further preamble, here are our Weekly Clickables:

  • In this video, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo interview Sam Mendes about Spectre.
  • James Greene Jr. over at Hopes and Fears put together this oral history of the troubled production of the 1994 film Vampire in Brooklyn.
  • Bradley Cooper made headlines last week for stating that he would help his female co-stars close the wage gap by sharing salary information. If you’re interested in reading the essay behind those headlines, which was written by Jennifer Lawrence and published in a magazine owned by Lena Dunham, check it out here.

That’s it for this week. Check back next Monday for more good finds from around the web. Thanks to Richard Newby, Jack Godwin, and Sean Fallon for their contributions to this week’s post!

Featured Image: Buena Vista Distribution