Less than two weeks until Halloween, folks! It’s not quite time to panic about putting together a costume, but we’re getting close. To help you procrastinate until your panic sets in, we’ve found some great movie-related things from around the web:

  • First, Alicia Malone launches a new show called Girls On Film, in which she, Roth Cornet, and Miri Jedeikin give their perspective on the movie universe. Watch it here.  
  • Over at Empire, read a selection of answers from Sam Mendes’s Q&A with some of the best directors working today. Their answers provide great insight into their artistic approach, and a colorful illustration of their respective personalities.
  • On a completely different wavelength, this guy made a replica of Thor’s hammer that only he can lift.
  • Finally, because I’m moving this week, here are a few links from a heretofore unknown niche in film criticism: Movers rating movies about moving.

Happy clicking! And, as always, thanks to my AE comrades for their suggestions for this installment of our Weekly Clickables!

Featured Image: Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer/Columbia Pictures