We made it to 2017! I wisely made no resolutions last year, and so have arrived in the new year having accomplished everything I set out to do. I hope you have, too. But now to what you came for: our Weekly Clickables. This week, we have a remembrance of Carrie Fisher through Leia’s theme, a look at what Netflix got right in the past year, a look at who we lost in 2016 and how they contributed to the discussion of gender, and a bit of Trump totally misunderstanding an important piece of culture.

  • This discussion with Errol Morris about the time Donald Trump completely misunderstood Citizen Kane is fascinating and, of course, terrifying, courtesy of Literary Hub.
  • NPR looked at the men we lost in 2016 who challenged gender norms.
  • Buzzfeed put together a list of eighteen ways Netflix “won” 2016.
  • Classic FM remembered Carrie Fisher through Princess Leia’s theme.
  • Finally, here’s something from last summer that captures what it can be like to have a small child and also live in the world, courtesy of The Huffington Post.

That’s it for this week. Check back next Monday for more of the best movie stuff from the rest of the Internet!

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox