Hi everyone, and welcome to another week! As usual, we have some great stuff of our own for you to enjoy on this site. We admit, however, that the rest of the internet has something to offer too, so here are our finds for this week:

  • For those of us for whom it is far too painful waiting for Terrence Malick’s newest film, this feauturette on Knight of Cups, courtesy of The Film Stage, is bound to quench at least some of the excitement. Whether the film will be a flop or a masterpiece has yet to be decided, but if this new footage makes anything clear it’s that the movie will be, at the very least, interesting.
  • If you are a fan of Radio Lab, but also a fan of making fun of yourself, check out this Radio Lab parody over at the A.V. Club, with some bonus content especially humorous for you young parents.
  • Finally, since it’s never too early to start getting in the Halloween mood, here is a ghost story shared by screenwriter Max Landis on Reddit.

Take your pick, or visit them all! Thanks to Dave Shreve and Whit Denton for their contributions to this week’s Weekly Clickables!