This week, we have some speculation, a couple of lists, and a critical look at the cinematic dark horse War Room:

  • First, as this is marathon season and I might have agreed to run a 5k for which I need some inspiration, here is The Guardian’s list of the 10 best running movies.
  • The Martian (based on the novel by Andy Weir) comes out in two weeks. This highly-anticipated sci-fi movie is already drawing the attention of critics and people that enjoy dissecting sci-fi and determining its plausibility. If you’re one of those people, or if you just like to know some interesting facts about weather and physics on Mars, check out this article by Klaus Schmidt at Space Fellowship, which looks at the fact and fiction of events in The Martian.
  • Finally, we have a review by Ben Sachs at Chicago Reader, who found War Room to be less than “enlightened” when it comes to faith and feminism. Read it here.

Happy clicking!

Featured Image: TriStar Pictures