It’s the last week before the best month of the year! To help the time pass more quickly for all you horror buffs, we’ve found a few things for you to check out, in addition to our own excellent content:

  • First, if the winding down of the baseball season has you in the mood for some baseball movies, check out this list of the best baseball movies as presented by Sporting News.
  • Next, The Telegraph has this in-depth article about people with real-life connections to James Bond, from Iam Fleming’s brother to the producer of some memorable Bond title sequences, and featuring a special appearance from the supposed real-life Moneypenny.
  • Remember how the first few minutes of Up had you crying in the theater? Well, that was no accident. /Film explains the Pixar SadLab, a group devoted to studying what will make audiences weep.
  • Over at The Federalist, Timothy Sandefur wrote this interesting article correlating the evolution of Star Trek with the decline of American liberalism.
  • Finally, for more long-term entertainment, check out I Was There Too, a podcast focusing on small actors in big movies. Matt Gorley interviews the bit-part characters and gets some fantastic stories about the making of your favorite movies. Notable episodes include Rico Ross talking about being a colonial marine in Aliens, Paul F. Tompkins discussing working with Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood, and Johnny Williams talking about the making of Goodfellas’ great sandwiches.

That’s it for this week. See you in October!