This week, we have a couple of reviews and something I’m more excited about than is probably normal: a list of period dramas arranged chronologically by the time in which they’re set, with linked reviews for each.

  • First, The Guardian review of The Lovers and the Despot, whose story (if you check the Clickables religiously, as I’m sure you do), you will remember from an NPR interview we shared a few months back.
  • Earlier in the week while browsing for three characters that describe me (you know you at least thought about it, even if you did not participate), I stumbled across The Silver Petticoat Review, which in addition to having a handy list of 40 quiet characters from film and television, ALSO specializes in reviews of period dramas, and arranged those period dramas in a handy list, organized chronologically by the time in which the drama is set. If you’re not excited by that, then we can’t be friends. Anyway, check out the list.
  • Also in the course of my week, I heard a snippet of a thoughtful review of Queen of Katwe, courtesy of NPR.
  • Finally, continuing our preparation for HAElloween, we share a look at the 1977 Italian horror film Suspiria, courtesy of Taste of Cinema

That’s it for this week, folks. Check back next Monday for more of the best movie stuff from the rest of the Internet!

Featured Image: Magnolia Pictures