In our Weekly Clickables this week, we have some transformations, an inside look at the hermit state of North Korea, and an opinion piece on the lessons a disappointing summer movie season can teach the movie industry.

  • First up, The LA Times gives us a taste of Under The Sun, a documentary about North Korea.
  • Next, Simon Pegg weighs in on the controversy regarding George Takei’s response to the announcement that Star Trek Beyond’s Sulu is gay, wherein both actors have thoughtful reasons behind their supported positions.
  • For something lighter, check out clever make-up transformations into well-known movie characters from Lucia Pitallis
  • Last summer, Indiewire put together a list of fifteen short films that say black lives matter. It’s an article that is worth reviewing again, especially considering recent events.
  • Finally, Matt Singer over at Screen Crush presents five lessons Hollywood should learn from a lackluster summer movie lineup.

That’s it for this week. Check back next Monday for more of the best movie stuff from the rest of the Internet!

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures