Good stuff this week! American readers–be sure to check these out before Thursday so that you’ll have something to discuss at Thanksgiving dinner that shows how wonderfully informed you are.

  • At the New Yorker, you can read an honest film review written by Jesse Eisenberg (from the perspective of a film critic).
  • This Kickstarter will force the UK film censorship board to watch fourteen hours of paint drying. They’re obligated to watch any film submitted in full, but it costs money to submit, and the price increases per minute of runtime. The more donations, the longer the film can be. How fun!
  • Comedian and nerd culture extraordinaire Brian Posehn stopped by the D.C. morning radio show Elliot in the Morning and explained why he discarded all of his Star Wars memorabilia after watching the prequels. The comedy icon also discussed his optimism for the future of the franchise and his love for Disney’s Marvel Universe (Movie talk starts at the 10:00 minute mark, but a great interview start to finish).
  • Finally, read about the film that nobody will see for 100 years. John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez have put a surprising amount of research and thought into a project inspired by an aged liquor. They have even created short films depicting what it might be like when their actual film is discovered in 100 years time.

That’s it for today. Thanks to our excellent staff for sharing their finds!


Featured Image: The Social Network, Columbia Pictures