Here at Audiences Everywhere, we wanted to give our readers the opportunity to talk with us about the latest movie news, hottest trailers, and DVD releases. We love to gab about the latest buzz and we want you to join us. Every week we will publish a Weekly Roundup and we want to interact with YOU in the comments! So, without further ado, let’s jump into our inaugural Weekly Roundup.

Weekend Box Office

Think Like a Man T0

This week’s box office is all about the sequel. Think Like a Man Too took the early box office gold with a $30 million dollar weekend opening. In its second week the hilarious hit summer comedy 22 Jump Street narrowly followed with a weekend total of $29 million. How to Train Your Dragon 2 snagged third place with $25.3 million and a disappointing opening for Jersey Boys and the surprisingly persistent Maleficent rounded out the four and five position with $13.5 million and $13 million respectively.

6/24 Blu Ray/DVD Releases

300 Rise of an Empire

In an effort to be transparent here, this week’s batch of DVD releases were a little underwhelming during their theatrical release, but I try to remain optimistic.

Enemy– Enemy was the Jake Gyllenhaal vessel about a melancholy professor who discovers a man who appears to be his double. The identical men meet and their lives become bizarrely intertwined.
Rent if you’re into Jake Gyllenhaal movies that fall into the “meh” category.

300: Rise of an Empire – Eh, no Gerard Butler in this one, but Cersei Lannister is in it so I guess it evens out.
Rent if you drank too much Redbull and you’re starting to hear colors.

Winter’s Tale–  A stunning tale starring Colin Ferrel (who’s sporting a rather odd haircut) as a man who falls in love with an heiress. This film delivers spot-on casting and imagery, albeit an eccentric plot.
Rent if you are spending a romantic evening with an $8 bottle of wine and your cat.Khal Drogo Aquaman

Movie Announcements

In honor of our first weekly news segment, we decided to make it SUPER. Yes, as in superheroes (Okay, bad pun. Sorry.  This is my first time at this). It seems there was a lot of major news surrounding the superhero genre so let’s suit up and dive in.

Speaking of dive in, Khal Drogo – Jason Momoa- is probably, almost assuredly most likely going to be playing the title role of the upcoming Aquaman adaptation. Now, I’m not a big comic book fan, so my first thought about Aquaman was “Oh cool, they’re making a movie about that character from Big Daddy!” But then I realized that was Scuba Steve and I have absolutely zero credibility writing about this subject. But I’ve checked, and comic book fans and fans of HBO’s hit Game of Thrones are admittedly intrigued.

It was also announced last week that a Sonic the Hedgehog movie has hit the ground running (The puns aren’t going to stop) and  a script is already in the works. For more than two decades, Sonic has been one of the world’s biggest gaming icons as a $1 billion franchise with more than 140 million games sold,  so this has the potential to be a worldwide box office smash.

Wrapping up superhero movie news: Yes, we’re still dealing with severe heartbreak in the aftermath of the Edgar Writer split from his Ant-Man movie and Marvel Studios. Though we will never see Edgar Wright’s vision of a superhero movie, Kevin Feige seems confident that they are on the path to “make the best version of Ant-Man that we could have.” Not to mention Feige is heavily promoting Scott Derrickson as the director of Dr. Strange and the franchise potential of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dumb and Dumber To Trailer

Dumb and Dumber ToTheyyyyy’re back! Everyone’s favorite 90’s gruesome twosome has made their prodigal return twenty years later for an epic Dumb and Dumber follow-up.*

Both Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels return in their irreplaceable roles and the buzz is sky-rocketing surrounding the Dumb and Dumber To trailer. The original trailer already has over 21 million views! From what we’ve seen, this movie will be ludicrous in the absolute best way.We can’t wait ‘til it hits theaters on November 14th!

*Note: we’re pretending Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd never happened.