Box Office

The revenge thriller The Equalizer fought its way to the top spot of the mid-September box office, earning an estimated 35 million (about nine dollars per brutal onscreen murder) and paving the way for what will be star Denzel Washington’s first sequel (via The Wrap).    The Maze Runner had a solid second week, earning half of what it earned in its premiere weekend with approximately 17.5 million taken in over the weekend. New stop-motion family flick The Boxtrolls came in third with an estimated 17.24 million. Star-studded indie drama This is Where I Leave You brought in seven million and Dolphin Tale 2 rounded out the top five with just under five million.

Movi3 N3ws

General theme of movie news this week?  Hollywood seems determined to provide all of the things that no one is asking for.

First, much to our collective chagrin, Deadline reports that Bryan Singer will return to direct X-Men: Apocalypse.  During an interview with Yahoo, writer Simon Kinberg hinted at the inclusion/recasting for younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm.

Ridley Scott gave updates to Yahoo this week on the planned Prometheus sequel and the timely Blade Runner sequel that many are yearning to see released.  And by “many,” I mean just Ridley Scott and the people he pays to agree with him.

There’s been a surprise upset in the content for “Most Ridiculous Film Title Announced in 2014.”  USA Today announced this week that the third installment of the tired Taken series would be called Tak3n.  Sorry Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice; you did your best.


Starring: Li@m N33s0n

And finally, Storm troopers are old news! 30 years after Return of the Jedi, we now have CHROME troopers, whose greatest enemies are greasy fingerprints.  You can read about this development and see the images over on Indie Revolver.

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