Weekend @ The Box Office

Horror addicts flocked to Ouija because sometimes people are their own worst enemies, and there are no good horror movies playing in theaters. We here at AE tried to give it a fair shot, sending our most easily-scared reviewer to watch the film while the rest of us avoided it like the popcorn was laced with Ebola.  I definitely voted to miss it (If you know my recent history with horror this year, you know I was up to my knees in bullshit). Somehow, Ouija managed to bring in just over 20 million dollars taking the number one spot in the domestic box office. Keanu Reeves sort of kind of won over audience hearts with the perfectly solid John Wick with $14,150,000. Not much new blood in theaters this week so Fury and Gone Girl managed to pull in another 13 million and 11 million dollars, respectively. And The Book of Life stayed in the game with another $9,800,000.

Movie News

We’ve all seen remakes that are essentially shot-for-shot the same movie. So why not just admit you’re doing the same thing up front and try to spin it as a unique approach? According to The Wrap that’s exactly what Eli Roth is doing with his Cabin Fever remake. The plan is to use the original script from his 2002 version and reshoot the script with a new cast and different directors. Now there’s a part of me that thinks this could be pretty cool. No two people think alike, so a creative director might find an interesting approach to this. But who am I kidding? This will be forgotten about a few weeks after release.

There’s a little superhero movie news this week with a little trailer that dropped for a small Marvel movie nobody ever heard of, but most of it came from the DC side of things. Deadline reports Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor appears to be dipping his toes into the realm of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Into what context is unknown but it’s nice to see DC is finally making some unexpected plays into establishing their own shared universe. In addition to that, DC is also seeking a female director for Wonder Woman. While Kathryn Bigelow is the obvious choice, let’s not forget there are plenty of great female directors who never got their chance in the spotlight. Michelle MacLaren is known for her great TV work on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. My vote goes to Patty Jenkins. She was onboard for Thor: The Dark World but a dispute left her out of her chance to shine. DC could snatch up someone who was once potential competition and give Jenkins a chance to show her stuff.

Johnny Depp looks like he’s going to be Johnny Depp for furries in Into the Woods. I don’t really have anything else beyond that joke because I don’t think Johnny Depp is worth mentioning beyond that. You can look at his Entertainment Weekly cover here if you want.

After months and months of waiting, and David Fincher stating he was his favorite choice for the part, Christian Bale is set to play Steve Jobs in the Aaron Sorkin scripted picture. (The Wrap/Bloomberg) Aaron Sorkin is a great writer as long as other people reel him in so he doesn’t fall into his own trappings. If it’s like his work on The Social Network, I’m game. Let’s keep The Newsroom out of this.

Trailer of the Week

You know exactly what earns Trailer of the Week. Originally supposed to air with an episode of Agents of SHIELD, a show that significantly improved and you should all be watching again, the trailer leaked online in low quality. Marvel rolled with the punches and sent out a funny tweet blaming Hydra for the leak before releasing the real product. It’s essentially the Comic Con trailer from earlier this year (and people wondered why everyone there said Marvel won the press junkets over DC). Marvel will be debuting additional footage to makeup for the leak. I’ve heard it’s an extended trailer showcasing a party scene prior to Ultron’s zombielike entrance to Avengers Tower. This will likely make the 42 million+ (and counting) people who have seen the trailer very happy.

This movie is supposed to change the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. For everyone worried this will be anything similar to the first Avengers, hopefully this trailer convinced you that was crazy. James Spader as Ultron is another symptom of Marvel’s A+ casting. His Ultron voice isn’t hammy but rather genuinely terrifying. Apart from The Joker and Bane in Christopher Nolan’s TDK trilogy, I don’t know of another villain that made me respond with actual fear. He’s one of the great comic book villains (Read: Ultron Unlimited) so it makes sense that he makes his mark in movie history by decimating Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Some bullet points on the trailer:

  • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch sure don’t look like they’re with Ultron against their will…
  • Ultron hobbling out of the shadows of Avengers Tower is a scarier image than any horror movie I’ve seen all year.
  • Everyone is going crazy over Hulk vs the Hulkbuster armor, but how about when Thor just straight up grabs Tony Stark by the throat? No armor to protect anybody there. Thor’s aiming to seriously injure.
  • Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff look like they’ll be getting close.
  • Random ballet dancers? Possible Black Widow backstory.
  • Andy Serkis resembles Ulysses Klaw. Klaw uses vibranium. It would be awfully convenient for Ultron to seek someone with vibranium reserves so he could cover himself with the indestructible material.
  • Suitably creepy use of the Pinocchio song. Use that Disney connection to their advantage.
  • Speaking of Pinocchio, anybody else get the feeling that Ultron wants to be a real boy? Hence the motion captured facial movements in his final form? Ultron will have various forms in the movie, each one getting closer to the more fluid form we see when he says “There are no strings on me”

Damn, that’s a trailer.

Tweets of the Week