Weekend @ the Box Office

Halloween falling on a Friday makes for a slow weekend at the box office. Good news for movie lovers everywhere! Nightcrawler earned the top spot for the weekend with a total gross of $10,909,000. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard I need to change that, like, yesterday. Nightcrawler raked in a mere $9,000 more than Ouija this weekend but I imagine both fall under this weekend with the release of Interstellar and Big Hero 6. Audiences everywhere have chosen, wisely. Fury continues with another $9,100,000. Gone Girl is officially David Fincher’s most profitable movie bringing in another $8,800,000 and it is damn deserved if I say so myself. And finally, The Book of Life is holding strong with only a 17.4% drop, bringing in $8,300,000 dollars.

Movie News

There was LOTS of superhero news with Marvel’s Phase 3 announcements last week that you can see here. We’re working on a new feature to separate this news from other movie news because there is plenty of other movie news worth discussing.

The Terminator franchise has that classic movie franchise syndrome where they stop being good after the first few installments. It’s hard to see any beloved franchise driven into the ground. It’s unbearable to see this franchise fall to such lows. The thesis of Terminator 2: Judgement Day was specifically to negate any sequels with the whole “No fate but what we make” and avoiding the titular Judgement Day. Terminator 3 isn’t a terrible film by any means. And for what it’s worth, I actually quite enjoy the finale of Terminator: Salvation. The problem they have is that there is n0 reason for them to exist. I doubt a retelling of the origin where Sarah Connor ignores her call to action. Not only that but she also spends her time with a T-800 who raises her as a daughter. Sarah Connor calls him “Pops.” It could be worse. There could be a weird love triangle between Sarah, Kyle Reese, and the T-800 Governator. But these pictures aren’t inspiring much confidence. Looks like Ultron will be the robot everyone talks about next year.

You know that Steve Jobs biopic being directed by Danny Boyle that is going to star Christian Bale? Seth Rogen is now set to star as Steve Wozniak opposite Christian Bale’s Steve Jobs. Those are words I never thought I’d read, let alone type. Seth Rogen is a capable actor in both comedy (see: everything he’s ever done) and dramatic roles (50/50, Funny People). Even if you’re not familiar with his dramatic roles, I have this belief that if an actor can commit to comedy, they can commit to anything. He’ll be good here. (UPDATE: Hollywood reporter just reported Christian Bale dropped out of the biopic)

In much less exciting news, Kevin Smith spoke about Clerks 3! Kevin Smith and Jeff Anderson confirmed several things: the return of Jay and Silent Bob in the threequel, the tone (He compared it to Empire Strikes Back of the Clerks franchise. Ugh), and that the first ten minutes will be filmed in black and white. You all know how I felt about Tusk but I like Kevin Smith as a person. I went to his Fatman on Batman panel at Stan Lee’s Comikaze this weekend where he spoke to Burt Ward about the Blu-Ray release of Batman ’66 and I was reminded why I was originally a Smith fan. He’s a fanboy who just loves what he does and wants to share his excitement with his fans. Tusk will probably make my top 10 worst of the year but I hope Smith can win me over with his films once again.

Trailer of the Week

Hunger Games came out with a final trailer this week. It was pretty good. The Fast and Furious franchise is the definition of big, dumb fun. The action is well-shot. The cars are sexy. The women, while originally eye-candy, aren’t offensively written and are integral to the awesome action. The muscles are muscley. They’ve evolved from being car porn to becoming a highly anticipated summer film (that is still secretly kinda car porn). But the real reason this franchise has resonated with audiences everywhere is because of the theme of family that ties most of these movies together. It’s poorly integrated into the scripts, but starting with Fast 5, the movies had such an earnestness about them that they were easy to get behind. If there was any question about this, the final shot of the trailer focuses on the late-Paul Walker just as Vin Diesel says a line about not having friends, but family. They’ve aimed to respect Paul Walker’s memory with this seventh installment and if the trailer is any indication, they’ve succeeded. A few highlights:

  • They jump out of a plane with cars and parachutes
  • The Rock saying “Daddy’s gotta go to work” before tearing his fucking cast off
  • The Rock with a minigun
  • The Rock vs Jason Statham
  • Kurt Russell looking smooth as hell
  • Final shot of Paul Walker being in good taste and honoring his memory

Tweets of the Week