Weekend @ the Box Office

The BO this week was a bit of a mixed bag. On one end, American Sniper had a 15,465% increase in revenue, earning $90,205,000 in its first wide release weekend, claiming the number one spot. The Wedding Ringer had a less stellar opening with $21,000,000. Paddington hasn’t made its mark only settling for third place with $19,287,000. Finally, on the positive side, Taken 3 dropped 64.2% into fourth place with $14,050,000. Tragically, Selma only made $8,300,000.

Weekly Roundup:

Big week for movie news, and by movie news, I mean Superhero News. Yup, as is weekly tradition, superheroes take over the internet.

Unrelated to superhero news, but news that makes this Edge of Tomorrow fan happy, is the news that Tom Cruise and Doug Liman are reteaming for a 1980s crime-thriller. 

And the news we were all waiting for: James Cameron’s Avatar sequels have been pushed back to 2017! Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll be pushed back so far, they’ll never need to be released.

Trailer of the Week

There were many trailers released this week from Age of Ultron to UnfriendedPaul Feig’s Spy got a trailer and it was fine. Some Shakespeare adaptation has the name Anarchy and it stars Ethan Hawke and some other people. I’m not really sure what to make of that. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, I don’t have to ever know what to make of that other trailer because we now have an exclusive look at Taken 4: A-paco-lypse. It almost makes up for Taken 3. Just kidding, nothing could make up for that one.

Tweets of the Week