Weekend @ the Box Office

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies opened with $56,220,000 on the Pre-Christmas weekend. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is one of those movies that I forgot existed, and opened to $17,300,000. Annie also exists and opened to $16,300,000. Exodus: Gods and Kings of White Egypt plummeted 66.6% in its second weekend to $8,065,000. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 holds strong in the fifth spot with #7,750,000.

Sony Roundup

The hits keep on coming for Sony. Conflicting reports show Sony scrambling to find a distributor for The Interview or that the film will no longer consider a release. We’ve talked at length about the film on this siteas well as reviewing it – but this situation won’t disappear overnight. You know what did? Every tweet from The Interview’s personal twitter along with the official trailers (backup trailers from other channels are still available). Now that the hackers have had their demands met, they’re trying to erase every bit of the film from existence. That won’t happen because 100 million dollars doesn’t just vanish. President Barack Obama also countered by saying Sony pulling the film’s distribution was a mistake. The movie isn’t perfect, but this whole debacle just made it one of the most important movies of 2014.

Superhero Roundup

The Sony hackings have exposed dozens of emails that people shouldn’t be reading. They also showed what some of the biggest superhero characters have in store for the future.

As in all things in life, Spider-Man is the most important part of our roundup. Comicbookmovie.com details a list of possible options in the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal. The site goes on to say most of the report contradicts other reports of the deal falling through, with others trying to confirm Spider-Man will be in Civil War after all. The Daily Beast reported on Spider-Man drama with Phil Lord and Chris Miller potentially handling an Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018 with the spinoff plans still in place (Venom, Sinister Six, Spider-Women). Those reports seem to have faded away with Sony almost spelling out how much they need Marvel’s assistance now. Regardless of whether or not Spidey goes back to Marvel, Andrew Garfield won’t be going with the character. The full report from CBM can be read here but it’s hard to weave in the web-slinger when a script is already in place and no actor in line to play him. Expect a cameo at best until further notice.

Another email exchange between Sony, as reported by The Daily Beast, reveals that Jeff Nichols (Mud) is the frontrunner for DC’s Aquaman movie (how much you want to bet it’s called King of Atlantis?).

The DC Cinematic Universe is gaining momentum with LatinoReview’s scoop that Viola Davis cast as Amanda Waller (Thank you, god, for not casting Oprah). Over at Badass Digest, it’s been reported that Chris Terrio seems to be addressing complaints from Man of Steel (like a careless, murderous, dour Superman) and turning BvS into something special. This one is slightly spoilerly so read with caution.

Trailer of the Week

Dave already  spoke about the coolest trailer of the week so I get to talk about a trailer nobody heard of! True Story stars James Franco and Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill attempts to redeem himself by interviewing James Franco, who was sent to jail for trying to hookup with a 17 year old via Instagram. Wait, no. That’s not right. That was the true story. This is the True Story where it’s not actually adapting or being inspired by a true story. What a colossal disappointment.

Tweets of the Week