• To anyone who still thought Star Wars: The Force Awakens would make less than two-billion dollars, the advance ticket sales literally broke the internet. (THR)
  • Peyton Reed saved Ant-Man and now he gets to do the sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp. (THR)
  • The underrated Jack Reacher sequel, subtitled Never Go Back, began shooting in New Orleans. (ScreenDaily)
  • Guillermo Del Toro’s excellent Crimson Peak may receive more box office problems as China’s “no ghost” propaganda hasn’t allowed the movie to receive a release. (THR)
  • The first clip from Spectre is here! It looks like a BBC show, which is…odd. (YouTube)
  • Jon Hamm is joining Edgar Wright’s upcoming action-musical-comedy film Baby Driver as a Wall Street trader turned cop killer who is a member of a bank robbing gang. (THR)
  • The World of Kanako teaser will make you feel like you took a pound of ecstasy. (Youtube)
  • Joe Dante, director of the cult-masterpiece Gremlins 2, will direct supernatural thriller Labirintus. (Variety)
  • I Saw the Light will not be seen by the general public until 2016. (The Wrap)
  • Christopher McQuarrie may have done a script polish on Star Wars: Rogue One. (Latino Review)
  • Bryce Dallas Howard says she won’t run in heels in Jurassic World 2 because that’s totally what didn’t work in the movie. (Cosmopolitan)
  • A deleted scene shows Howard’s character smearing excrement on herself in a seductive manner to hide her perfumed scent. The scene was deleted from YouTube, but you can catch a glimpse of it in this quick vid. (YouTube)
  • The director of Dear White People is doing a musical. (THR)


Star Wars. It’s obviously Star Wars. Just go watch the trailer for the hundredth time.


Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures