• Steven Spielberg jokes about Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford and everyone takes him seriously (Yahoo)
  • Hulk will join Thor in his third solo-outing Thor: Ragnarok (JoBlo) which is rumored to have the darkest Marvel script yet (BMD)
  • Expendables 4 is happening because dat Chinese box office (Variety)
  • Mattel is interested in potentially bringing Dino Riders to theaters (Tracking Board)
  • Rhonda Rousey’s Road House remake will be directed by Nick Cassavetes (Variety)
  • Y: The Last Man is no longer a movie but a TV show (THR)
  • A Very Murray Christmas is a Bill Murray Christmas special. Just a Bill Murray Christmas special (Youtube)
  • Godzilla and King Kong are going to punch the crap out of each other in 2020 (/Film)
  • Justice League Dark might still happen – without Del Toro (Tracking Board)
  • Marvel’s Inhumans movie was rumored to be canceled – hint: it won’t be (Bleeding Cool)
  • Die Hard: Year One with director Len Wiseman is happening because God abandoned us after Die Hard 5 (Deadline)
  • Ryan Coogler (Creed, Fruitale Station) is in talks to direct Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie (HeroicHollywood)
  • James Cameron’s long-gestating Battle Angel adaptation will be directed by Robert Rodriguez (EW)
  • Furiousa will tragically, but understandably, not star in the next Mad Max sequel (DigitalSpy)
  • Quentin Tarantino cut TWO versions of The Hateful Eight (Variety)
  • Wes Anderson’s next movie is about dogs and involves dogs. He may possibly do an anthology film (IndieWire)
  • Kingsman 2 pushes back Robin Hood reboot to accomodate star Taron Egerton (THR)
  • Steve Zahn joins War for the Planet of the Apes and it should officially be retitled Zahn of the Planet of the Apes (Variety)


Daredevil isn’t a TV show but its cinematography feels more cinematic than most TV shows. The show had its fair share of issues in its inaugural season (lack of Drew Goddard post-episode 2 hurt it significantly) but it’s still one of the best superhero shows (The Flash still beats everything). Season 2 is bringing in Elektra, the Greek assassin and love interest of Matt Murdock, and the antihero known as Frank Castle. You know him as The Punisher. This trailer from NYCC is 75% old footage honoring the show’s beginnings but the new material raises the anticipation to new heights. And hearing Jon Bernthal’s first line as The Punisher sends chills down my spine “Beg.”



Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures