Weekend @ the Box Office


Amidst the October and Halloween fever, Gone Girl, surprisingly beat out the creepy Conjuring prequel, Annabelle, earning $38 million. Gone Girl is director, David Fincher’s, highest grossing opening film. Demonic-doll, Annabelle, was predicted to earn $30 million and exceeded such expectations trailing close behind at a strong $37.2 million. Disturbing doll fun fact: Annabelle was originally a Raggedy Ann doll, even more chilling with something that appears so innocent. Denzel Washington’s thriller, The Equalizer, took third place bringing in $19 million. In its second weekend, Fish, Wheels, and Bucket AKA The Boxtrolls earned $12.4 million. Lastly, to close-out our top five movies this weekend, we have The Maze Runner adding a cool $12 million to its total earnings.

Movie News

Can I refrain from anything Guardians of the Galaxy related? Of course not. GotG and Avengers fans will get a double-delight upon the Blu-ray/DVD release on December 9 of our interstellar dream team, according to Screencrush. Not only will fans have their own copy to watch repeatedly, they will also get a peek at Avengers: Age of Ultron. Better pre-order your copy, I already did.


Duuun dun duuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun! If you don’t know where that’s from, I recommend you either watch Jaws again or watch it for the first time. For Jaws fans, young and old, there may be a Jaws reboot in the future, as Kevin Smith disclosed with the Wall Street Journal. The director shared his thoughts on bringing the terror to our waters once again, as if the first time around wasn’t enough to give people irrational fears about shark attacks (the likelihood of a shark attack: 1 in 11.5 million).

Magic is not only for the wizarding world. Daniel Radcliffe will be joining the cast of Now You See Me 2 sources at The Guardian report. Radcliffe will appear as Arthur Tressler’s (Michael Caine) son. Let’s be real, he’s getting restless in the muggle world, why not have a bit of fun with a movie as the perfect cover-up?

Spoiler or Foiler? I know that spoilers are difficult to avoid. Come on, scrolling through your dash and quickly scanning everything through, you cannot unsee what you saw. I don’t know if the team behind Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is pulling our chain, but did Ben Affleck drop a bomb of a spoiler on The Daily Show? Superman defeats Batman. I mean, I knew he would, says the Superman fan; but give the Batman fans some hope.

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