News Roundup

  • Tron: 3 will not be moving forward according to THR. Joseph Kosinski would have returned as director as well as Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund in starring roles. #FlynnLives
  • THR reports Fantasia will be a live-action movie – at least the “Night on the Bald Mountain” sequence of the film.
  • Justin Lin got personal when he spoke to Deadline about the impact Star Trek had on his life, along with some other factors of his directing experience (look for his duo episodes on True Detective this season). Here’s an excerpt.

I thought about how much a part of my life Star Trek was,” Lin said. “Growing up, my parents had this little fish and chips restaurant in Anaheim in the shadows of Disneyland, and they didn’t close until 9 PM. As a family, we didn’t eat dinner until 10 PM, and we would watch the original Star Trek every night at 11. My dad worked 364 days a year, only took Thanksgiving off, and from age 8 to 18, the only time I could hang out with my parents was by staying late. And every night, it was Star Trek on Channel 13 in L.A. That was my childhood. All my friends were Star Wars kids but I didn’t go to the movies, so I was the Star Trek kid. Thinking about this, it became a very personal and very emotional decision.

  • On more franchise talk, a Warner Bros. chief spoke about how DC will compare to Marvel.

The filmmakers who are tackling these properties are making great movies about superheroes; they aren’t making superhero movies. 

Trailer of the Week

We didn’t do a write up on it but we should talk about how exciting this teaser for The Good Dinosaur is. There’s no sense of story beyond that fantastically funny asteroid missing the planet gag (dinosaurs never went extinct here) but there’s a sense of adventure. Early buzz on Inside Out is overwhelmingly positive. Can Pixar score two big wins in a single year?

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