Do you miss Eddie Murphy being able to express his actual acting capabilities? You might be in luck! Eddie Murphy is in talks to star in Lee Daniels untitled Richard Pryor biopic. If talks work out, Murphy will play Richard Pryor’s father, LeRoy “Buck Carter” Pryor.

Kevin Smith continues to threaten us with his continuing style of trying to make functional movies. The next threat is for Mallrats 2. Smith hasn’t given a ransom demand yet. The truth is he’s making it in memory of a friend who passed away. I truly hopes his commitment to his friend translates to the screen.

The Crow is a cherished movie to many people for Brandon Lee’s tragic accident. It only makes sense for the remake to attempt to tarnish the sequel even more than the previous sequels.

In less cynical news, looks like golden boy Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be bringing back Fraggle Rock! No more cynicism here. I’m excited.

Of course we need superhero news/rumors. Latino Review is the MVP when it comes to these scoops, so click the link for a little potential spoiler tidbit.

Finally, James Bond looks like Sterling Archer in this sleek but boring Spectre poster.

Trailer of the Week

I don’t dislike this trailer. I just don’t care. Can I talk about the Age of Ultron new TV spot? No? Okay… So I think we need to get Adam Sandler teamed up with Paul Thomas Anderson again. At the very least, somebody should help him get on the right track. Sandler is a cool dude. We shouldn’t be terrified whenever he has a movie being released.

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