Box Office

Somehow, Exodus: Gods and Kings, the first film in history to successfully emulate Moses’ long and ardous desert journey in viewership experience, managed to take the top spot at the box office this week with a 24.5 million.  The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 fell to second place for the first time, taking in just over 13 million. The aimless Penguins of Madagascar proves that parents will throw money at anything that’s animated for a two hour babysitter, as it comes in at third place this weekend with 7.3 milllion.  Chris Rock’s surprising comedy Top Five and Big Hero 6 round out the top five with 7.2 and 6.1 million respectively.

Oh, Sony

The only real movie story over the last week (that wasn’t already covered by other Roundup posts) is all the information hemorrhaging from the Sony hack.  The most telling and significant information picked up by outlets reporting on the leaked emails is the exposed racism and sexism (Wall Street Journal) that is running naked and rampant within the industry.  Outside of that, for those that don’t like to get their hands dirty on ethical conversations, there are some juicy nuggets of movie-centric news (cnet), including:

  • The next James Bond film, Spectre, is already 50 million over budget and on pace to be the most expensive bond movie ever.
  • Jessica Lawrence, Jenny McCarthy, Amy Schumer, and Emma Stone have all expressed interest in being in the Ghostbuster reboot.
  • Sony has no fucking clue what to do with Spider-Man.  If there’s anyone revealed as a victim of Sony’s massive cyber attack … well it’s women employees.  And then minority employees.  And then Spider-Man fans.  Thank God Peter Parker is a white male or Sony would just sink the series with a shoestring budget.

Trailer of the Week

There’s really only one trailer that matters from the last week, but we’ve already reported on Fury Road. Outside of that, we also got a trailer of the newest Divergent Series: Insurgent trailer.  I can dig some Shailene, but it’s unlikely that this second entry of a standard series can throw together a trailer that deserves mention against the standalone art of the Fury Road trailer, but, let’s have a look, because something needs to be in this section.

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Feature Image: Divergent Series: Insurgent, Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate