Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele won the weekend with their lack of sexual chemistry, as 50 Shades of Grey brought in $81,670,000. I guess you could say 50 Shades of Grey “dominated” the weekend (expect sequels). You like the old spy movies? Turns out, some of us do with Kingsman: The Secret Service making $35,600,000 on its opening weekend. The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water held as strong as it could against the heavy competition this week with a 44.8% drop, closing out its second weekend at $30, 540,000. American Sniper continues its reign of terror with $16,435,000. Jupiter Ascending ends its second week with a subpar $9,430,000; which still puts it 5 million over Seventh Son to land in the #5 spot for the weekend.


  • Spider-Man is going to be in future Marvel Studios movies. Sony will have final creative control (I assume in the same way George Lucas was a creative consultant for the new Star Wars movies). Sony and Marvel exchanged no money for the Spider-Man deal. Marvel will use a new Spider-Man actor in a Phase 3 movie (most likely Captain America 3: Civil War) prior to launching his own movie on July 28, 2017. See original report along with Phase 3 lineup change here.
  • The Wrap reports Suicide Squad trades a Bane for a Robocop. No, not the Peter Weller one. Definitely not the legendary awful guy from RoboCop 3. It’s that guy, Joel Kinnaman, from the mostly-okay-I-guess version of RobertCop from last year’s reboot/remake/thing we all forgot about. From what I understand, the character of Rick Flagg has been trimmed down significantly in the script to make room for heavy villains like Joker, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot. It’s probably for the best we didn’t put Hardy in this.
  • Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan may not be done with the X-Men universe after their encore lap in Days of Future Past. Straight from the horse’s mouth at (though one may argue the horse doesn’t know diddly) Stewart claims Magneto will be in X-Men: Apocalypse and he’s been chatting about a possible role in the next standalone Wolverine movie. So X-Men 4?
  • Deadpool will further his status as the quintessential meme in the internet world in his own movie in 2016. But he won’t be alone. Gina Carano will join Deadpool as another meme to help Deadpool meme about. Colossus will also be featured in the movie. Don’t bother trying to remember if he was in any previous movies. Everyone forgot they existed. T.J. Miller will contribute to the comedic relief. Lord knows we’ll need it.


I saw a handful of horror movies last year with only one being something truly special (The Babadook gave me the Babaspooks). Guillermo Del Toro has a deep admiration for genre pieces, with horror in particular.