Weekly Roundup

This headline should really read “Science Fiction Wins the Roundup” but Star Wars, as predicted, remains king. Star Wars Celebration is rocking the world with a cool trailer reveal and allowing everyone to partake in the majesty of the series that redefined “movie magic.” IO9 has the Empire in Star Wars has a new name and the Rebels have redefined themselves as well. Probably just a PR move. The Empire is now The First Order – which is totally nerdy in the best way – and the Rebels are now the Resistance – which is traditional and fine. That new teaser was mostly okay. The First Order’s new flag also looks like a reverse butt hole (E Pluribus Anus?)

In the long run, the rest of the news stories are exciting in their own rights. Nothing compares to the excitement of Star Wars news in light of the emotionally powerful teaser.

That Blade Runner sequel is sounding even cooler with Ryan Gosling in talks to star in the picture! But it’s still not Star Wars news.

Badass Digest reports Captain Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, was set to make her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron but the cameo was ultimately scrapped for the sake of her exploring her own story in her solo movie. The project now has two writers on course for penning the picture.

For everyone hoping for a Hulk feature, don’t hold your breathe. Collider reports Universal still owns the Hulk rights. Maybe Bruce Banner will just work best in a team setting anyways.

Wonder Woman lost and gained a director this week. Michelle MacLaren was previously tapped to direct but reports hint at Zack Snyder and MacLaren butting heads over whether or not the film should be set during the Crimean War or World War 1. Instead, Patty Jenkins will save the day! Ironically she left Thor: The Dark World over creative differences. Over/under on DC ruining this choice as well?

Flash Gordon got popular after the release of Ted (gross) and now Matthew Vaughn is tapped to direct. You either love this idea or hate it.

I still need to see the potential masterpiece that is Blackhat but Michael Mann is interested in directing an biopic on the life of Enzo Ferrari. All Michael Mann is good Michael Mann.

Here’s a quick look at the first images of Creed, the spiritual successor to the Rocky saga from Sylvester Stallone’s instagram.

Trailer of the Week

You already know what it is. 

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